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BAM Our projects REDD in Small Scale Forestry Concessions in Madre de Dios

REDD in Small Scale Forestry Concessions in Madre de Dios, Peru

This project empowers local people to protect their forests against illegal mining and slash-and-burn clearances. Unlawful deforestation has increasingly spread into concession land in recent years.

BAM has partnered with the Madre de Dios Federation of Small Forestry Concessions (FEFOREMAD) to protect and conserve 85,000 hectares of small forestry concessions. The FEFOREMAD comprises 200 members, and concession sizes average 500 hectares.

BAM has developed a long-term strategy to increase the income derived from environmentally sustainable forestry and empower concessioners to protect their natural resources. The project supports FCS training and certification, and the establishment of a low-cost sawmill and processing plant will enable concessioners to sell value-added products.

The project will reduce deforestation through activities directed at increasing the concessionaires’ sustainable income and adding value to their forest. This, in turn, will allow the concessionaires to mitigate and oppose the main deforestation threats present in the area.


BAM is empowering concessioners to protect their land and livelihood in the following ways.

1. Increasing the value of the forest and concessioners' sustainable income
• An on-site sawmill and processing plant will double the market value of concessioners’ timber.

• FSC Certification in Forest Management will provide independent recognition of the environmental management standards on the concessions and boost product value.

• Degraded concession areas will be reforested and enriched using finance from carbon credit sales. The reforestation will capture further carbon.

2. Implementation of a forest monitoring and surveillance system
• Deforestation risks will be identified early via a participative monitoring framework including check-points and continuous patrols.

3. Strengthening legal and administrative frameworks
• BAM supports FEFOREMAD by financing all administrative procedures required under the Peruvian legal framework, strengthening its capacity.