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Robert Davies, Forestry Advisor

Robert Davies is a seasoned forestry manager with nearly 20 years hands-on experience in South and Central America. His companies Darvun SA and Tunder SA are responsible for the establishment and management of 3000 hectares in Uruguay with Metsa Botnia, Weyerhaeuser, Stora Enso and Cambium. He has consulted on numerous projects in Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Guatemala and Peru. Robert served as the General Manager of Interforest SA in Guatemala and as the Operations Manager for Forestal Yguazu (Shell Ltd) in Paraguay for four and six years respectively.

Robert is a professional agriculturalist turned forester with significant experience in technical innovation and operational scale operation and evaluation of high yield, commercial forest plantations for fibre and solid wood production in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical zones and with a strong background in human, environmental, safety and financial management. He holds a BS degree from the University of Natal, South Africa and a MBA diploma from Tulane University US.